Mr Mirabella, who serves as an educational assistant at South Coast Baptist College, has invited a number of Secondary College students to learn how to repair a full-size automobile. This initiative is borne out of a desire to engage students who work best with real-world scenarios.

Mr Mirabella purchased an old unlicensed car and brought it into the workshop. Once a week, he guides the students on how to make the changes for the car to be roadworthy.

The entire program lasted for two terms as students rummage through a 100-point safety checklist that Mr Mirabella has prepared. Oil and fluid changes were made, seats were re-sprung, and rusted components were replaced.

The boys have been showing up each week eager to learn and the valuable lessons they are picking up will stand them in good stead for their future. Mr Mirabella shared that further plans are in the works for other students based on the lessons learned from these sessions.

Shaping rigorous minds.