SCBC‘s young scientists together with their Science teachers celebrated Science Week with gusto this year. An array of activities was planned to highlight the different branches of Science.

Human Biology students from various year groups used a sphygmomanometer to measure each other’s blood pressures, with some very interesting results achieved from SCBC football academy students. Students also then tested one another’s patellar reflexes, which is accomplished by hitting the patellar tendon below the kneecap using a biological hammer.

In Physics, students were guided to explore the Van de Graaff generator, which is an electric generator with a moving belt that accumulates charges on a metal globe. They also peered through spectroscopes to observe colourful spectral lines produced from helium gas. This was capped by unforgettable Chemistry experiments which included the making of elephant tooth-paste and the grand finale, where liquid nitrogen was used to make frozen drinks.

There was great excitement amongst the students and it was a rewarding time for teachers as they observed senior students taking on the role of explaining Science phenomena to their juniors.