Year 10 South Coast Baptist College students travelled to UWA’s splendid Winthrop Hall for the Science Café event held on 27 August 2020. This annual event organised by UWA and Scitech gives students the opportunity to have a full day of interaction with a large number of STEM professionals.

The STEM practitioners took turns to speak to groups of 6 students, sharing fascinating anecdotes of their journey through university and then as a professional in the field. Students were encouraged to ask as many questions as they could to inform their future choices.

All in all, it was a rich and rewarding experience. Mr Gideon Choo, who took the students there, reflected that the event was well run and multi-faceted as the organizers have gone through multiple iterations of feedback. The students themselves were very positive about the event, with some feeling that they had gained clear insight and direction while others felt they were still unclear about their futures but were glad to have received valuable information.