Every student enters Secondary School with different levels of study skills and proficiency with technology. This year, our Year 7 and 8 students will be engaged in a ‘Study and Technology Skills Programme’.

Three times per Term, students will participate in workshops that will equip them with study skills, including:

  • How to set goals,
  • How to succeed in Secondary School,
  • How to deal with distraction and procrastination,
  • How to get motivated,
  • How to improve their group work skills,
  • Test taking techniques,
  • Time management skills,
  • Managing workload, and
  • How to improve their organisation and filing (both physical and digital).

Students will also cover important topics relating to their use of technology:

  • The importance of password security,
  • How to identify false information or disinformation; How to avoid and deal with computer/internet addiction,
  • Responding to teacher assessment feedback through SEQTA (our learning management system),
  • Effectively using search engines, and
  • How to send and respond to emails, including use of appropriate email etiquette.

We are sure that our students will benefit from this programme, which will help equip them with skills and strategies to support their learning and help prepare them for the world of work